Recipe: Creamy Chicken Over Rice

This would not be proper financial blog without delicious food recipe because everyone know that making meal at home is cheaper than hiring restaurant to make it for you.

Eating out is actually double whammy to your financial situation, because you also need to take into consideration food quality.

Say you have $10 to spend on food. If you go to restaurant, perhaps you get food with quality score of 4/10. Maybe the restaurant uses vegetable oil for cooking, the ingredients are a couple days old, or the chef was having bad day.

Take same $10 to grocery store where you can pick healthier, better quality foods, you can probably make something with quality score of 7/10. Not perfect, but better than restaurant!

In order to get food with quality score of 7/10 at restaurant, you will need to go to nicer restaurant and pay more money.

Now you might be thinking, “well hey, food is food, and $10 is $10. It’s the same thing. What does it matter that the quality is better if I’m full anyway?” Good question, but remember: eating too much low quality food will bring disease later in life, and treating disease is an expense. So eating good quality, healthy food is sort of like staying out of debt.

Creamy Chicken over Rice

This is a meal my mom used to make. It’s very easy, delicious, and nutritious.

I will show you how to make six hearty servings. I wouldn’t recommend you to make less, because you can always store what you don’t eat for later.


CaloriesAround 1250 per serving
PriceAround $8 per serving¹
TimeAround as long as it takes to make rice
Difficulty levelLow. Very easy to make
  1. My calculation. Note that I live in one of the most expensive cities in America.

Ingredients (6 serving)

  • Rice, 2 cups dry
  • Chicken thighs, 3.5lbs
  • Heavy whipping cream, 2 pints
  • Bullion, 1-2 cubes
  • Garlic, 0-10 cloves (you pick)
  • Broccoli, 1 head
  • Carrot, 2 big stalks
  • Bell pepper, 1 (you pick color)

Equipment 6 (servings)

  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Baking dish, size 4.5L
  • Oven mitts, 2
  • For rice making (you pick)
  • Garlic crusher (optional)
These are all the ingredients


First, start making rice. You will do the rest of the things while the rice is cooking. I won’t go over the steps of making rice here.

Second, put oven to 400°F. While it’s heating up, do steps three to five.


Third, put chicken into baking dish and spread evenly around. I like to ask the butcher to cut the chicken into small pieces. If you want, you can leave the chicken pieces whole and cut them on your plate just before you eat them.

Fourth, add garlic and bullion to the chicken.
Peel some garlic cloves and sprinkle on top of chicken. If you don’t have garlic crusher, just use knife to make really tiny pieces.
I’m skipping the bullion this time because I got my chicken thighs pre-marinated from the butcher.

Fifth, put heavy whipping cream onto the chicken. It should be only slightly peeking out.

Ah, yes, like this

Sixth, put it in the oven at 400°F for 20 minutes.

While it’s cooking, do step seven.

Seventh, use knife on vegetables.

It’s super effective

Eighth, wait, because it doesn’t take 20 minutes to do step 7.

Ninth, take the thing out of the oven and disperse the vegetables evenly around in the cream.

Tenth, put it back in the oven at 400°F for 10 minutes.

Same as before…

… only less time

After the time is up, I like to turn off the oven, open the door and let it sit for a little bit of time.

Your rice should also be done around now, and the dish is ready to serve.


Serving to live bodies at the dinner table

Put the stuff on the table and let people have at it. Provide a big spoon so people can scoop the chicken and pour the cream onto the rice – it tastes really good that way.

Storing it for later

The forever-alone option is to share what you have made with future you. A hearty-sized meal for me is 1/6 of what I just made.

I first distribute the rice evenly between six containers, press it against the bottom so it makes a rice layer.

Then, do the same with the chicken and cream. I use a big spoon-like thing to move the contents.

Today I’m eating one and saving the other five in the fridge for later.


To reheat, put the food in the oven at any one of these heat-time combinations:

  • 220°F for 60 minutes
  • 200°F for 80 minutes
  • 170°F indefinitely, but at least 100 minutes

While you can probably raise the temperature to get it ready faster, I’ve found that these combinations cook the food evenly such that no part of it is cold.

If you microwave it, might as well have just gone to a restaurant.

That’s all, folks

Hope you enjoyed the meal. When you make it, leave a comment on how it went!

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, or comments, please leave a comment, or contact me directly.

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Finally, please review the Disclaimer.

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    1. Awesome! Glad it was 9/10. I got a phone call halfway through making it and stopped taking pictures so I’m hoping to remember to take the rest next time and add them here. Also, no need to make it any more complicated by using fancy words – you know what’s going on.

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